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For any issue or request, please send an email to info@storycounter.com
Story Counter was created to keep track of writing projects and the daily number of words written. It is a tool that aims at helping writing lovers keep track of all their stories, monitoring the achievement of goals set and progress made.

Things you can do with Story Counter

  • Write down your projects and their status: work in progress, drafts, done
  • Set a time or a maximum number of words goal, and/or create editing folders per project
  • Create sub-projects and keep track of their development
  • Visualize through graphs and statistics the productivity of each day
  • Get a summary of the progress made on each project
  • Set daily goals of characters written or a minimum writing time
With Story Counter, you can record all your writing works, set your goals, and find out your most productive days and those where writer's block got you stuck. You can get statistics and graphs and track every character you add to your story because every word matters when transforming any project from a single idea to a complete story.